Terms & Conditions: Influencer Raffle SumUp Academy (the “Regulations”)

I. Organizer

1. The company SumUp Limited - Branch Germany, company registration No. HRB 221953, having its principal address at Grunerstraße 13, D-10179 Berlin, Germany, operating under the name "SumUp" (hereinafter “SumUp”) will run a competition (hereinafter the “Competition”) where five participants will win a mentoring/coaching/expert advice session (“Prize”) with one of our 5 experts in SumUp’s initiative SumUp Academy.

II. Duration

2. The Competition runs from 8th of March 2021 to 30th April 2021, 23:59. Submissions that are received outside of this timeframe will not be considered. SumUp is not responsible for submission forms that are lost or delayed due to the transfer of data.

III. Right to participate. Submission form

3. The Competition is open to all persons residing in the United Kingdom who are over 18 years old at the time of submitting the form for participation.

4. Directors and employees of SumUp, including individuals working under service contracts for SumUp, related entities, or such employees' or individuals’ family members (including but not limited to direct line ascendant or descendant family members or spouses) cannot participate in the Competition.

5. To participate in the Competition, participants shall submit a special form available on the landing page for the SumUp Academy, which consists of at least the following information: participant’s name(s), email address and which of the Prizes they would like to win.

6. Submitting more than one form by one participant through using different email addresses shall be deemed a breach of these Regulations and SumUp reserves the right to annul such participant’s multiple forms as well as their right to participate in the Competition.

IV. Prizes. Winners

7. Each participant who submits his/her submission form within the term specified in Section II above will take part in the Competition with a chance to win one of the Prizes, a detailed information of which can be found here.

8. Prizes cannot be transferred to a third party, including to a family member of the winner within the meaning of Art. 4 above, or exchanged for cash.

9. Five winners will be selected at random from the participants via using a special software.

10. The winners will be picked on 30th April 2021. The winners will be picked at random in the presence of representatives of the Organiser, who will prepare a written protocol certifying the results of the raffle and the winners.

11. The winners will be notified via email, which has been provided in the submission form, within one week of the Competition closing.

12. Each winner shall confirm his/her Prize and his/her participation in the respective session within 15 (fifteen) days as of receipt of the email under the preceding paragraph. In the event that the winner does not confirm his/her participation in the session within the said term, he/she loses his/her right to participate and a new winner replacing him/her will be picked pursuant to the same procedure.

13. The respective expert of each Prize (i.e. session) will get in touch with the winner of their session via the email address, which has been provided in the form, to schedule a time that fits them both.

14. Prize winners are solely responsible for all state, federal and/or local taxes and any other fees or costs associated with the prizes received, whether used, in whole or in part.

V. Publicity

15. These Regulations are announced publicly and will be available throughout the duration of the Competition on the following SumUp website: https://cloud.crm.sumup.com/sumup-academy-raffle-0321-terms

VI. Termination

16. SumUp reserves the right at any time within the duration of the Competition and within its discretion to terminate the Competition. All SumUp decisions are final and are not subject to appeal. In the event of such termination, regardless of the reason thereof, SumUp shall not owe any compensation or penalty to the participants.

17. SumUp reserves the right to annul a participant’s right to participate in the Competition in the event of proven or alleged breach of these Regulations by such a participant. In this case, SumUp shall not owe any compensation or penalty to the respective participant.

VII. Privacy

18. By entering the Competition, the participant agrees that SumUp and its service providers use this data for the purpose of contacting the participant if they are a winner.

19. The participant agrees to the storage and processing of personal data and to contact SumUp representatives in connection with the competition application.

20. Participation in the competition means that the participant agrees to be notified that the competition is used on SumUp social media profiles, on the influencer profiles and for other marketing purposes.

21. Instagram, Facebook or Twitter is not an organiser or insurer of the promotion and does not provide other types of support. Regardless of the circumstances, the participant has no right to raise claims against Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

22. The mentors in SumUp Academy act as independent influencers, and their statements should reflect their honest opinions, beliefs, and experience. SumUp shall not be liable for the accuracy, appropriateness and completeness of any content provided by the mentors in the course of the coaching advice sessions on SumUp Academy. The mentors shall be solely responsible for their content’s compliance with the applicable laws.

VIII. Miscellaneous

23. All decisions regarding the Competition that will be taken by SumUp are final and binding.

24. These Regulations define the rules of competition. By submitting the form referred to in Section III above, it is assumed that participants have become familiar with these Regulations, agree with all their provisions and undertake to comply with them unconditionally. Upon disagreement, participants shall not submit the form for participation. SumUp reserves the right upon its discretion to make changes in these Regulations and/or provide participants with additional terms for their participation in the competition. Participants agree that all statements regarding such changes will be sent to participants to the email address, which has been provided in the form, or by a message placed on SumUp’s website.

25. The Competition is subject to the interpretation of the laws of England and Wales. SumUp and participants irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. However, before resorting to the courts, they will use their best efforts to negotiate in good faith and settle amicably any dispute that may arise out of or relate to the Competition.

26. By accepting these Regulations, the participant confirms that he/she does not violate any rights of his country of residence concerning the right to participate in the Competition. SumUp will not pay liability for the participant who entered the Competition unlawfully. Participation in the Competition is within participant’s own discretion. In case of any doubts, participant should immediately leave the website, should not submit the form for participation and should contact the respective competent authority in his/her country.

Any questions regarding this Competition should be directed to the following address: social@sumup.com

These Regulations have been adopted by the Organizer of the Competition on 8th March 2021.